Are Table Runners Out of Style?

So you rummage into your items to see what you can use to decorate your dining room. And lo and behold, you found your grandma’s table runners! They have been kept in pristine condition and you thought they’ll make a lovely addition to your dining table.

But aren’t table runners out of style?

Metro 8 Seat Table Setting

The Metro 8 Seat Standard Table delivers durability stability with a design of rectangular configurations

Coral Round Table Base

The Durabase Coral Round Table Base is made in Australian. It has a heavy duty steel base.

Ice Table Base

The Ice Table Base has an aluminium base with a clear transparent polycarbonate leg

Gio Barstool

The Gio Barstool by Siesta is produced by the latest generation of air moulding technology.

Cruza Stool

The Duraseat Cruza Barstool is an extremely robust stool suitable for indoor commercial use.

Panama Armchair

The Panama Armchair has been designed and shaped for maximum comfort. It is manufactured using the latest generation of air moulding technology.